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Template:Infobox scientist Roger Cram is a retired[1] American professor[2] who served as an academic administrator[3] and the Director of Special Projects at Hiram College.[4] He has also served in various positions with the Hiram, Ohio village council.[5] In 2003, he was the master of ceremonies at an awards ceremony for members of the United States Coast Guard Auxiliary Division 10 and Flotilla 10-6.[6] As part of the Secret Society of Serendipitous Service for Hal, Cram publishes a periodic newsletter recounting random acts of kindness performed anonymously by anonymous contributors.[7] This secret society is named for the late Hal Reichle, who was known to perform anonymous acts of kindness.[8] Cram met Reichle when Cram was working at Hiram College as a loan officer and Reichle was looking for a loan for his girlfriend, who was a model.[9] Cram's wife is also part of the society.[10] Cram developed and taught courses on the subject of the Tuskegee Airmen.[11] One of these courses is called "Modeling Future Heroes: A Practical Application of Human Values".[12] In 2006, he lectured on this subject at the Kellogg Conference Center.[13] In 2008, he spoke at the Rotary International Peace Summit.[14] In 2010, again lectured about the Tuskegee Airmen to the airmen of Luke Air Force Base as part of African American Heritage Month.[15] In 2011, Cram appeared at the Party for Freedom at York University in Toronto, Ontario, Canada which launched the Alliance Against Modern Slavery, a nonprofit organization seeking to combat human trafficking through partnerships, education, and research. At this event, Cram was joined by Glendene Grant, human trafficking victim Jessie Foster's mother; Kevin Bales, co-founder and president of Free the Slaves; Kate Todd, a singer-songwriter and actor; Janelle Belgrave of Samba Elégua Drummers and Peace Concept; Natasha Falle, a survivor of human trafficking; and Jeff Gunn, a guitarist.[16]




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